“It’s such a cool uke! Yikes, get my smelling salts!! WooHOO!!”
(Suz D., director Corvallis Ukulele Cabaret)

Drop me a line! Please consider including a phone number; I may have questions for you so I can better help, and it’s often easier to have a short call.

The more you can share about your playing and instrument thoughts, the bigger head start you are giving me, and of course we will cover this in greater detail when we chat.

If you don’t hear from me within a reasonable period, check your spam folder–I used to run the email list of a woodworking organization. Spam filters often catch such people, and those filters have a long memory! If a reply isn’t in your spam folder, it’s possible I’m traveling or overwhelmed with our cancer journey and will catch up, but don’t hesitate to make a 2nd try.

You can use the form below, or email me directly at my gmail.com address, where I use the stealthy patmegowan@<you know what>;-)

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