What do you see?

A recent piece in English walnut and Oregon white oak–a lap desk for a Benedictine Abbot. The walnut is so graphic it was like a week long Rorschach test. Depending on the orientation I saw a heron, sturgeon, lion, horse, pelican, lobster claws…but at least no partridge in a pear tree.

The pulls are Macassar ebony. Since everyone seems to handle box lids by the corners, I put the handles there–so now they’ll use a credit card to pry it open at the middle!

I’d like to use this wood combo again–they both work very nicely.


The Narnian campsites are somewhat spartan, but Reepicheep would not be fazed:
Meghan the Bold, faithful co-explorer, after an unexpected encounter with lake-effect gravity:

And the feasting was grand…peach pie at 10,000 ft. sped Meghan’s recovery. 

If these bear a striking resemblance to Ediza Lake in the high Sierra near Mammoth Lakes, and the smokin’ fresh peach pie at Saddlebag Lake, that’s just a mighty big coincidence.