Ukes for Reno – a tale

Prim, as I prepare to locate the bridge.

As the new year started, and Ann was feeling stronger with an effective cancer therapy, I felt a surge of energy in the shop and decided to start a tenor uke (Little Mac) to have available at the #renoukulelefestival.

Little Mac–Macassar ebony (from two different trees)
But another set of wood begged to come to Reno, and I thought “I can pull off two spec (non-commissioned) ukes by April”.
In the mean time, Kimo’s commission became the GT model, which entailed making new plans, dozens of dedicated patterns/fixtures/forms/tools, and a prototype. I can handle this.
Kimo’s GT, ready for finish
The family resemblance of the new body style, however, all but demanded a sibling pair (made from the the same tree), and–in a moment of euphoria, I suppose (it passed)–a third Reno uke entered the mix (the siblings are Katniss and Prim). At this point I tried not to think about whether it was possible, and just worked as many hours as possible.
Katniss (Catching Fire, yes?) and Prim
Then a commissioned instrument was involved in a catastrophic accident (outside the shop). Perfect timing :-\.
Heartbreak. Needs a new top at the minimum.
In hindsight, I probably had time for Little Mac (on top of commissions, and assuming I wanted to sleep and function in the rest of life). And so my booth at Reno will be stocked almost entirely with incomplete ukes.
I tell myself (and anyone who will listen) that this is great–they’re still customizable! Want a different neck shape, inlays, different tuners, a slothead?
Peter Luongo reminded me “they’re ukes–be happy!), and he is right. I actually am happy; these are SO pretty, and instead of rushing them with compromises they will get a full measure of care and aloha. Sure, I may have to wear a scarlet letter at Reno (“S”, for slowpoke…), but it’s true, and it’s all good.
Necks for Lakshmi, Reynard, Little Mac, and Prim.