Writing desk revisited

At last: a picture that doesn’t make the writing desk look bowlegged. Sure wish I could work outside like this all year, but alas, even in August it was sprinkling two hours after taking the picture.

These drawers aren’t quite square because of the curving desk front, but they still slide like butter; I admit, it’s quite gratifying; please pardon me while I pat myself on the back.

The little Macassar ebony pulls are scooped out deeply underneath for a secure two finger grip. Because the drawer fronts are angled and curved in two planes, the pulls are slightly recessed into the front in order to appear flush all the way around. Fussy work, didn’t think ahead that far during design.

Use testing. This piece will have another home, but I want to gather ideas for building it again…which I was ready to start the day I finished!