Model: Grand Tenor (large body, 19″ scale tenor)
Back and Sides: Tiger myrtle (Richard Parker tree)
Top: Swiss bearclaw spruce
Binding: Santos rosewood
Rosette: paua abalone, electric purple/blue/green
End graft, headplate: Desert ironwood
Neck: Port Orford cedar, slothead
Tuning machines: Waverly, with snakewood buttons
Fretboard: Gabon ebony
Bridge: rosewood, bone saddle
Finish: nitrocellulose lacquer

Price: Sold

Designed and built for the great Kimo Hussey, there are vivid memories here; the original GT I built for him was destroyed in an accident. Later–the night before a concert–I asked Kimo if I could modify the bridge on Katniss slightly, and in his beautiful trusting way he gave the go ahead. As he and Neil Chin jammed on other instruments, I pulled the strings off and took a very sharp chisel to the bridge, giving it a sweeter shape. Undoubtedly not a single person at the concert the next day noticed…but I’ll vouch that the force was stronger:-).