Wall cabinet in a week


I did a prototype and rough milled the wood earlier, but by the time the wood had chilled there was a week. Here’s a veneer being cut for the back panel.

And here is the wood resting up and de-stressing. It would have been nice to let it rest for a few more weeks…oh well.

Off to the races: Day 1

We have a whole week, let’s do a curved door. Careful layout will pay off later.

End of day 1 – joints that fit juuuust right. Shaping tomorrow.

Day 2
Now we have some shape, and a chamfer w/a little movement. 
Shortening the tenon just a little makes the clamping easier. Fast, controlled, and clean with a plane and shooting board. Every home needs one. 
8:15pm: glue-up complete, motivational music by Sam Bush. 
Boy do bridle joints require a lot of clamps! And so fussy to make perfect; there are many visible joint lines on a bridle and they all have to be spot on. 
Used Old Brown Glue, a hide glue formulated by W. Patrick Edwards–strong, repairable, and does not impede finishes like a PVA glue…and there won’t be time to deal with finishing problems. 

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