Every Hand Plane Needs a Tuneup – a Reply

I did not intend to go into video, in fact I fought it…but in the end it was no use.

The problem is, I know smart, careful woodworkers who read Fine Woodworking (FWW) closely, and when they see an article from an apparently gold-plated authority–Tommy MacDonald has his own woodworking how-to show on PBS called Rough Cut, does it get any more legit?–they are liable to follow it diligently.

In this case, though, the magazine and author are the ones that ought to be liable. Exhibit A: 


No disrespect intended, as both the author and FWW have inspired and taught many, but in this case some really bad advice slipped through, advice that could easily ruin a $400 handplane while attempting to improve it.

Here is my response, with very amateur production values and as one friend said, narrated by a homeless person–ouch! Another said the shop looks too clean–can’t win.

2 thoughts on “Every Hand Plane Needs a Tuneup – a Reply

  1. very enjoyable and informative.
    i'm curious as to how you would flatten the sole of a plane that would actually need it. obviously with the frog and blade, but what body movements.

  2. A homeless person is a bit strong, but it certainly looks like you raided Bill Belichick's wardrobe. I hope you will post more on your blog. Are you going to be working the L-N tool event in Portland in February?


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