One second of fame

A while back, Doug Reynolds (czar of the Reno and Palm Strings Ukulele Festivals) and Daniel Ho (grammy winning Hawaiian music performer) collaborated to create a virtual ukulele ensemble performance of Daniel’s well known tune “Pineapple Mango”.

A virtual what? The uke-centric version of a virtual choir, in which musicians from far and wide record themselves performing the same tune and upload them, and some extremely creative (and patient) person edits them into a single magical performance–no mean feat, as technical issues abound.

This sounded like fun, so I recorded a version in the woodshop, uploaded it, and promptly forgot all about it. While preparing to sign up as a vendor for the 2016 Reno Ukulele Festival I stumbled on the finished product. Individuals and groups from all over the globe making music together!.

In a nice surprise, somewhere near the middle–for nearly an entire second–I demonstrate my command of the descending D7 scale, dominating the dominant as it were (sorry, bad music theory reference). Thanks to Daniel, Doug, and the video editor for including me.