Life is a Cabaret

old chum, come to the Cabaret. And boy did I–we just closed a run of this wonderful dark musical last night, and struck the set today. Closing night I collaborated with Margie the makeup queen to give director Leah Burgy some shock therapy. Looking in the mirror certainly gave me a shock!

The end is a bittersweet time; friendships often bloom during community theater shows, but this was a particularly wonderful cast, talented and warm and funny, and I’ll miss working with them; on the other hand, we get our evenings back and don’t wreck our skin applying and removing pounds of makeup each day. Ah well, big hugs to everyone, and (in her own words) a sloppy wet kiss to our fabulous Director Leah Burgy for bringing us together to sing this story.

Finishing a project can likewise be bittersweet, but there’s no time to ponder that just now – only a week and a half to finish the dining table for the Guild Show – yikes!


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