The Eagle has landed

The overload alarm on the rented Home Depot truck stopped when the truck was put into drive–thank God! After all, it was only 3100 lbs, less than 5% over limit. Surely this vehicle was designed with a substantial margin of safety? A short drive at a very timid speed brought me to the drive in front of the shop:

A friend noted that the front wheels of the truck looked a bit splayed out, but it must have been a trick of perspective.

Getting it down on the ground was too dicey for pictures, but went alright and the truck groaned with relief.

Next we set to disassembly with cordless drivers. The crate was very sturdy indeed, held together with hundreds of screws; many many hundreds, and multiple recharges of the drivers. This took a while.

A long while.

Once uncrated it had to be lifted off the pallet, another process too gripping for picture taking. We wrapped a sling around the gooseneck and hoisted the saw with the forklift – it swung to a crazy angle but then stayed put, and we scrambled to drop the pallet, which was quite a snug fit with long bolts. The pallet must have weighed 250 lbs, I nearly killed myself moving it.

Once off the pallet the saw was short enough to fit in the shop, but moving it was now even more unnerving–it has a very narrow base for the forklift to engage. We strapped it to the mast of the forklift and did everything was slow motion…or at least as close as this neophyte fork lift operator could make it. Finally–with numerous retries–it was just right.

Whew, was I relieved! It needs new tires and 3 phase power, and with the upcoming hike won’t get those for a few months, but it’s exciting all the same. That’s a bandsaw!

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