200 miles

The first segment of the trip–through various ranges of the Klamath Mountains (Siskiyou, Marble, Russian, Salmon, Scott, Eddy, Trinity Alps, Castle Crags)–is over. A day or so ago I crossed into the Sacramento River drainage, heading eastward back toward the southern Cascades. What a great area this has been! And a bit quirky.

On the horizon now is Lassen, just visible over the granite walls of Castle Crags,

and not far beyond start the Sierra, the original siren call for the trip. I’m eager to get there, though the trails will be more rugged and the pack heavier because of less frequent food resupplies. My body has been surviving so far, but the Sierra will be a big challenge. Fingers crossed.

I’m at the home of trail angel JoAnn Michael outside Weed, CA, with a phenomenal view of Shasta from the back yard. Tomorrow we drive to Old Station, flipping over (in trail-speak) a section better done in a cooler season. My brains were baked descending alongside Castle Crags, I’d like to avoid an immediate repeat.

A couple final images: paintbrush adorning an ultramafic outcropping,

and the final reward of a hiking day that ended much too late on windy saddle.

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