Well whadyaknow, take two

Last September in a blog entry I celebrated a personal first–my mahogany sideboard’s appearance in a book–and commented “only 5 billion more publications to catch up with Sam Maloof”.

A few weeks ago a friend mysteriously ordered me to do a Google image search on “Maloof trestle table”. Incredibly, one of Maloof’s trestle tables looked EXACTLY like my sideboard, even down to the lighting and backdrop. Well whadyaknow!

Oh wait…it is my sideboard, courtesy of Google’s search algorithm and my silly comment. A timely  coincidence with NPR’s “On The Media” this evening, which had a segment on personally targeted search results that Google and other search and social media programs increasingly deliver.

Having mentioned Maloof four times in this post, perhaps someone will order one of his famous rocking chairs from me. I’ll do a nice job…

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