Where’s the woodworking?

The long absence of woodworking content is raising suspicions that this blog is just a cover for pretty hiking pictures, but not so–at least not entirely. In the interest of retaining credibility, I offer these: 
Legs for a cherry writing desk, with about $1500 worth of ebony socks (based on the time they took):
Nothing else about the desk is flat, so neither are these

Blending the leg and rail–getting there but not yet sweet.

Drawer bottoms are cedar of Lebanon, such fragrance…

Really need a professional shoot for this piece, it’s easy to distort the curves, as this picture ably demonstrates. The curves are softer than this suggests, and do not bow in at all. In fact this is downright horrible, but the only pic of the complete piece so far.

Don’t other folks wear shavings too? This fashionable European maple headband is a handplane shaving from a cello back blank that wasn’t quite up to snuff for an instrument, but made glorious drawer sides. Big thanks to John Preston of Old World Tonewood for helping with this wood!

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